At The Baking Class, research and analysis are carried out on the current trends and market requirements so as to create an enabling environment that will promote the efficient planning and organization of numerous courses. Courses at Cake Mall are efficiently planned considering various factors that have proven ability of enticing students.


The Baking Class always believes that training has to be practical oriented and believes in hands on experience rather than theory or demonstration. Our baking class is designed to meet 100% hands on experience and each of the students would be provided with individual workstations and Equipments. Personalized attention is provided to each of the candidate and the chefs at The Baking Class would ensure that the students learn and understand different concepts of baking efficiently. The Chefs have good experience behind them and would carry out professional training blended with practical methods. Innovations are always welcome and we are proud to announce that we have 85% of the students who have joined on basic courses with us go for advanced courses with The Baking Class.


The Baking Class does not limit its training on baking but have expanded to other areas. The Baking class conducted is immensely popular which includes international cuisines and have created huge demand in the market. We bring some of the best chefs in the business to conduct these trainings and have carved a name in this niche.


All our training programs require advance booking and the process is be very simple to enroll.